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Ofer Shapira was born and raised in Israel and lives in a village in the central district of the country, with his wife and their two children. He holds a B.A in Computer Science and an M.B.A in Business Management, with expertise in marketing.


As with most Israeli’s, Ofer served in the army before his entrepreneurial spirit was allowed to flourish and he co-founded an e-commerce company with his brother. The success of the company has allowed Ofer to diverge to other interests and led him to publish his first children’s book, Amazon Jeff’s Big Discovery, which is about a deer who is looking for something different but realizes that he is already special in his own way.


In his free time, Ofer spends much of it with his young family but enjoys writing just about anything, from computer code to love letters. He is inherently curious and likes to experiment in the kitchen, cooking and baking new things.


He has also published a book that summarized 3 years of funny Facebook of friends, has created a board game based on the Israeli army that is similar to Monopoly and has been a serial builder of websites.


Ofer hopes that Amazon Jeff will become a big hit with children and intends to create a series that will provide a range of exciting adventures.